APEX Award 2021 for Researchers in the UK

APEX Award 2021 for Researchers in the UK

Call for Applications

Deadline to Apply: 29 October 2020

Host country: UK

Opportunity: worldwide

Host Organizer: The Royal Academy of Engineering


The scheme offer established independent researchers/analysts, with a solid track record in their respective areas, an exciting opportunity to pursue genuine interdisciplinary and curiosity-driven research to benefit wider society.


The objectives of this scheme are to

  • Promote cooperation across disciplines, with a specific emphasis on the boundary between science, engineering and the social sciences and humanities.
  • Similarly, support outstanding interdisciplinary research which is unlikely to be supported through conventional funding programs.
  • Support researchers/scientists with an outstanding track record, in developing their research in a new direction through collaboration with accomplices from other disciplines.
  • Also, enable outstanding researchers to focus on advancing their innovative research through seed funding.


The APEX Award program 2021 has the accompanying advantages

  • A grant of up to £100000 to fund staff.
  • Costs to relieve the candidate and/or co-applicant form some of their teaching and administrative duties.
  • Up to 25% of the total award can be spent on research costs.
  • Successful candidates can also apply for an additional £10000 to support public engagement activities.
  • This can include consumables, equipment, collaborative travel expenses.
  • Costs of a teaching replacement to relieve the applicant and/or collaborator from some of their teaching and administrative duties. Moreover, grants can be help for up to 2 years.


Applications must be within the remit of more than one of the academies. Applications that span the remit of the Royal Academy of Engineering and British Academy preferred. Furthermore, applicants applying for the position must have the following qualifications;

  • A researcher with a solid track record as an established independent researcher (this can include engineering researchers, humanities, and social sciences scholars and scientists).
  • Based at a UK University or not for Profit research institution for at least the duration of the project.
  • Applicants will be relied upon to team up with a research partner form a different discipline form their own or a different university in the UK.

For more details:

Please click on the link http://raeng.org.uk/grants-prizes/grants/support-for-reserch/apex-awards

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