The Novartis Reimagining Healthcare scholarship Call for Applications

The Novartis Reimagining Healthcare scholarship

Call for Applications

Type: Entrepreneurship

Deadline to Apply: 25 September 2020

Host country: Germany

Opportunity: worldwide

Host Organizer: Novartis


The Novartis Reimaging Healthcare scholarship 2020 helps young social entrepreneurs/business visionaries and their local/worldwide activity to help accelerate their leadership journey. This scholarship is for young pioneers whose emphasis is on supporting, progressing/advancing, as well as solving issues in the health care space including mental health, like health care experts/professionals, nurses, volunteers of health care organizations, medical students.


  • Access to One Young World Summit 2021 in Munich, Germany which happens from 23-26 April.
  • Hotel accommodation during the summit.
  • Travel to and from Munch (economy).
  • All meals covered (includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on conference days).
  • Transport between Summit accommodation and the Summit venue.
  • Summit hand-outs and bolster materials.
  • Provide a forum to pitch and offer your initiatives within the Novartis organization.
  • A mentorship program with Novartis workers/employees.
  • Pre-summit meeting or lunch with the OYW (One Young World) Novartis delegation.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The Novartis Reimagining Healthcare Scholarship is available to individuals matured 18-30.
  • Nationals of all countries are qualified to apply for this scholarship.
  • Applicants can’t be employed by Novartis.
  • Applicants must show a positive impact in the healthcare sector in some capacity.

Selection Criteria:

Competitors will be evaluated based on the following;

  • Demonstrated capacity for leadership.
  • Evidenced commitment to delivering positive change within healthcare and health-based initiatives.
  • Have a history of creating significant and innovative ideas.
  • Addressing key local as well as worldwide health care issues in your work.
  • Having a good understanding of worldwide issues.
  • Skill: collaborator, creative, passionate, challenge the status quo.

One Young World Summit:

The yearly One Young World Summit gathers the brightest young talent from each country and sector, working to accelerate social impact. One Young World helps to identify the most effective young pioneers/leaders from every nation in the world. Several One Young World delegates are top-performing experts, sent to attend the Summit by forward-thinking managers who see the need for talent development.

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