Canada Standard Grants Program supporting Public-Private Partnerships

Call For Funds

Country: Global

Grant size: $20-25 million

Deadline: 28-August-2020


The Canada Standard Grants Program may be a matching grant program that supports public-private partnerships effecting wetlands conservation projects in Canada.
The project contributes to a comprehensive, programmatic approach towards furthering the goals of the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA).
Project activities involve the long-run conservation of wetlands and associated upland habitats for the advantage of waterfowl and every one wetland-associated migratory bird.
The Canada Standard Grants Program began supporting projects in Canada in 1990, shortly when the North American Wetlands Conservation Act of 1989 was passed. This program has been receiving 45 % of the full accessible funding for Act-supported projects every fiscal year. In recent years, this quantity has been or so $20-25 million annually.

Applicants submit project proposals through the acceptable North American waterfowl Management set up Provincial committee. When a preliminary reviews by the Provincial committees, eligible proposals are then forwarded to the acceptable venture Management Board, surroundings Canada Wetlands workplace, and eventually the North American Wetlands Conservation Council for review and endorsement.
Projects are then presented to the North American Wetlands Conservation Council within the United States for funding consideration. When reviewing the projects, the Council recommends them to the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission for final funding approval. The U.S Fish and wildlife Service’s Division of Bird surroundings Conservation is accountable for administering the grants for the approved projects.
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