Community-driven Investment & Acceleration for Impact Makers

Call For Funds

Country: Asia
Grant size: $100,000 to $500,000
Deadline: 20-Aug-2020


Citypreneurs has teamed up with the VC community to bring back you Impact Collective, a community-driven acceleration program for startups.
This distinctive version of Citypreneurs aims to produce direct investments into impact driven groups who wish to scale in Asia.
Impact Collective may be a community-driven acceleration program for startups that specialize in opportunities in Asia. They invest in, support, and connect startups that are finding international challenges to accelerate the positive impact in the world.
With professional mentoring and community influence, they pastor startups to receive investments throughout and after the program, through the Impact Collective Fund and a network of partner investors.
Fast Track Investments:
10-15 startups:
$25K-$100K per team
Program Investments:
5-10 startups

$50K-$500K per team

1. Inclusive health and quality of life.
2. Digitalization for equal opportunities for all.
3. Future of Work and economic process.
4. Sustainable Agriculture and Food.
5. Green Energy and environment.
6. Circular economy and also the future of waste management.

What makes Impact Collective unique?
Citypreneurs invitations startups who are finding international challenges starting from food security and property livelihoods to dynamic force, circular economy, property cities, and environmental innovations.

Are you a team that’s making a change?


Join a community of trade and impact consultants, investors, entrepreneurs and potential users, all on one platform. They will assist you reach your full potential. The Impact Collective Community (ICC) plays an active role throughout the complete acceleration method, together with in choosing participants for the program and investment selections.

With the program partners in 4 totally different cities in Asia and therefore the Pacific, they support startups’ cross-border market exploration that build meaty relationships and international connections across the region’s innovation ecosystem.

For more information, visit Impact Collective.

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